Nest – Wedding Cake Topper

Today we are going to make a little bird nest wedding cake topper. You can buy all the necessary materials in the décor section of any building materials supermarket. General cost of the materials is approximately 3$, which is a great news.

nest_1 nest_2

That’s all you need. Birds were Christmas decorations and it’s not an exception that they were seasonal.


You will need to make a truly great topping. To make this one you will need 2 eggs and 3 cups of powdered sugar. This needs to be thoroughly mixed. You might need some more powdered sugar in order to make the base harder.


Place the decorative stick in the middle of glazed polystyrene.


Make a little hill out of a topping to place one of the birds higher than others, which will help you to create a more harmonious composition.


Push the stick in a little bit in order to make it glued well to the topping and not to fall out of it. Then place the cute birds.


After everything dries out you can place the topper on its right place, to be more precise – on the most beautiful wedding cake.



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