My Own Version of Rustic and Elegant Wedding

We spend our weekend and vacation at my parent’s house every minute we can. So when my parents suggested a 3 day destination wedding, in the area, we knew it was exactly what we wanted. We had only one focus for this wedding, our guests. We knew asking people to come for the weekend would be an expense, so we decided we make sure every last detail, down to purchasing shampoo for our welcome bags, would be taken care for them. I know that we can ask help from wedding planners like that honor traditions and modern style. As a wedding planner myself it would take time and effort to plan for wedding. Our 3 day weekend started with a welcome party for our entire guest list at my parent’s log cabin. I was very happy and very overwhelming to see all all of our friends and family mingle and get to know each other before the celebrations began. It was an amazing weekend off. John, my father and the groomsmen wore suits. Ties, cuff links and hankies are in John’s favorite color which is orange.



Purchasing dresses for wedding is quite challenging but thanks to my friends Ann and Kathy who handpicked it for me. I wore a lace mermaid styled gown which is a present from my father (my something new). My something borrowed is my mother’s pearl bracelet and something blue is a blue garter given to me by my maid of honor.



My bouquet was a gift which I carry with my great-grandmother’s handkerchief during the ceremony.


Since John is all things old school rock n’ roll and I am all things vintage and traditional we compromise with the ceremony music. The processional consisted of a beautiful rendition of Secrets from One Republic and A Thousand Years. Being a wedding planner I have tried eating a lot of wedding food. I have to say, and not because it was our wedding, the food was amazing. We received so many compliments from the guests. I often tell my client’s simple is sometimes better, and in this case I am so glad I took my own advice. We added the extra touch by having white gloved wine pour service with dinner.


my_wedding_tablemy_wedding_champange   my_wedding_cakemy_wedding_glass

We ended our ceremony with and old Irish tradition of a ringing of the bell ceremony, as I read an Irish poem. The ringing of the bells is believed by the Irish to cast away evil on your marriage. Every time the couple hears bells ringing it’s supposed to remind them of the love they had on their wedding day.

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