Fashionable Wedding Bouquets

I have already written about fashion trends for wedding bouquets in 2014. Today I want to share some photos of bridal wedding flowers from different weddings. Let’s take a look at those bouquets together to find out which flowers are chosen most often by brides.


We all know that the style of a bouquet should be matched with the style of a wedding and outfits of a bride and a groom. Well, the most popular form of a bouquet is still a small round bouquet. You can combine various flowers in them! You can make mixed bouquet with colorful and delicate wild flowers or choose one type of flowers instead. Increasingly often we can see wedding bouquets unusually decorated with branches, leaves, beads, berries, dried flowers and etc.



What flowers are used most often for wedding bouquets? Classic choices such as roses, peonies and lilies remain popular. You can also see bouquets made not from flowers, but scrap materials which are called hand-made bouquets. Generally, wedding floristic becomes more and more interesting with each passing year! New interesting choices, combinations and forms are offered to us. But we have to remember one thing – the more original your wedding bouquet is, the better!

bouquet_4 bouquet_5

There are two types of wedding bouquet color trends. First are delicate and romantic bouquets, which are made by white or pastel colored flowers. Second type of bouquets is made of flowers with different colors. Both of these types deserve a place in a wedding fashion. That is why there are so many colorful and pastel aerial wedding bouquets.

bouquet_6 bouquet_7

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