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New Trends – Engagement Rings Under $100

The last recession not only shook local markets and instilled uncertainty in the minds of consumers, but also it revolutionized buying patterns in jewelry and fashion markets, especially when it comes to buying engagement rings. When was the last time you saw an engagement ring under $100 dollars with the stone that looked just like a diamond? The engagement rings market has evolved from the average cost of $3,000 per ring, to additional $25-50 trial cheap engagement rings under 100 to provide ample time for the big decision. A segmentation between the traditional and new age buyers is highly visible, where traditional buyers spend several thousand dollars and those who, after giving it some consideration, decide to move forward with what they consider a more affordable alternative, usually something from the family of more affordable engagement rings.

“I have started buying cheaper rings after my department has been laid off”, says Linda M. from Los Angeles, Ca. “I used to purchase diamond rings few times a year specifically to match my outfits, but I recently had to change my buying habits. Now when I buy rings online I have 3-5 designs in mind and instead of paying $1000 for an engagement ring, I can relax and see less then $100 taken out of my bank account. This approach to shopping has saved me hundreds of dollars in the last year.

While some women dream about wearing their engagement rings for the rest of their lives, others choose to get a back-up cheap engagement ring with cubic zirconia stones or crystals. And the reason for that is simple – they don’t want to take the chance of losing their expensive diamond engagement ring, whether they are on vacation or camping. And the bottom line – you will be able to get that luxurious look, without having to spend a fortune.

A Silver Approach – Engagement Rings Under 100

Cheap Engagement Rings
The above pictured classic cheap engagement ring features 5 carat solitaire cubic zirconia stone and the ring is made of 925 sterling silver by “Encore DT”. Its central cubic zirconia stone provides a shine of a huge diamond thanks to its 4-prong design. And here is a good news – it costs ten times less and it’s one of the hottest selling cheap engagement rings of “Encore DT”. Stylish and traditional this ring fits hundreds of different color outfits, including white, black, blue, yellow, green and all 50 shades of grey! “You will definitely find yourself in a spotlight with this ring at your next major event”, says Laura O., Encore DT’s Director of Production.

Affordable Engagement Ring
Among our affordable engagement rings, our next ring adds a vintage design to the mix. Although the real treasure is the yellow gold bonded silver which provides luxurious look and instills confidence. In addition, the price of this ring is well bellow the $100 price tag.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Gemstone. A Cheaper Alternative

Ruby Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring
This silver ring masterpiece will shine for eternity – dark red cz engagement ring with a halo setting and 18 cubic zirconia stones weighing 3 carats. Rather than spending a fortune on another ruby ring, it’s smarter to have a much cheaper alternative and a very similar look. It’s always easy to find the right outfit to match ruby cubic zirconia stone and “Encore DT” offers huge selection of different CZ stone colors and cheap engagement ring designs.

Princess Cut Approach for Cheap

Princess Cut Engagement Ring
What can be better than having a cheap engagement ring with a princess cut stone with a shine of a diamond for only $30? The pictured above cubic zirconia engagement ring says it all. It features 3CT princess cut cubic zirconia stone positioned between four prongs. This engagement ring will definitely turn heads of even the toughest jewelry critics.

One of our favorite things about cheap engagement rings is that more and more people can experiment with different styles and they will always come back to try more. Often times what makes our jewelry designs successful are not the designs themselves; it’s the people who are willing to buy several designs at once and are certain to always call back again.

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